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EZ Contact

How many times have you adjusted a tight contact and suddenly it became a loose contact? Unfortunately, contacts are a persistent problem in dentistry. It is often because of the laboratory, the temporization process, or simply the over-adjusting of the contact.

Now this product EZ Contact solves this problem. EZ Contact is a kit that was developed by David Block, CDT. In 1998, that was specifically designed for the above dilemma. The easy solution is EZ Contact from Aesthetic Porcelain Studios. Before, you would need to reschedule the patient, you would experience lots of wasted chair time, and you’d have to work with the laboratory to have the restoration fixed and returned.

The EZ Contact kit is essentially a FIRST AID KIT that was developed to allow the dentist to go in and add a contact, elongate a pontic, fill in embrasure spaces, or if the patient comes in and they have a piece of porcelain broken, you simply go through a 5 minute etching and bonding procedure. It has a chameleon effect, so whatever the shade is, the restoration will blend itself in and match it precisely. It will save you and your patient a lot of time by not rescheduling the patient and dealing with laboratory charges.

If you want to learn more about the EZ Contact product, watch the video below and learn more about how EZ Contact can help save you and your patients’ time and money.