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Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc. provides clinically excellent and innovative products for dentists and their practices. Some of our popular products include:

The Block Inlay Bridge

Addressing the need for minimally invasive dentistry, the implementation of this successful product/ procedure will prevent the destruction of good sound teeth in the process of replacing missing ones.

EZ Contact

This is the only “dental first-aid kit” you’ll ever need. Chair-side porcelain repairs and additions are now made possible. This product allows you to bond a special composite directly to porcelain, zirconia, e-max, and even denture teeth to correct the loose contacts. You can also use the material to elongate pontics that no longer fit the tissue. EZ Contact is a useful tool in avoiding additional appointments and frustration, while increasing your profits and time.

The Renew Kit

The Renew Kit provides a problem-free and cost-effective solution for PORCELAIN -TO-METAL FRACTURES, making it possible to complete repairs in the mouth with optimal aesthetic results.

The EZ Suction-Cup Denture System

The “Octopus,” or the EZ Suction-Cup Denture system, eliminates the need for adhesives and pastes, while solving the age-old problem of patients presenting flat lower or upper ridges, irregular, and knife-like edges or gummy tissue. After many years of research and development, Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc. has perfected this technically demanding technique – one that will benefit ALL denture wearers! Our highly skilled team of certified prosthetic technicians use this special process to bond our exclusively designed and formulated silicone securely to the acrylic or thermo-plastic material of new or existing dentures. Safe, comfortable, and highly effective, dentists and patients everywhere are asking for these incredible “dentures that suck!”