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Suction Cup Dentures

As dentists, you all have that problem denture patient: no matter what you do, he or she is back in 3-6 weeks, complaining about the same thing. The dentures drop, won’t stay in place, and denture adhesives just aren’t doing the trick. David Block, CDT, of Aesthetic Porcelain Studios has found a solution to make denture patients happy – with suction-cup dentures.

Suction-cup dentures are a denture system that was redeveloped by David Block, CDT, after many years of research. Materials have changed over the years, and there are approximately 40-50 million denture patients that have flat ridges and need DENTURES THAT HOLD. On these special dentures, there are a number of suction cups providing superb stability to keep them in place – even on patients with extremely flat ridges! Conventional dentures for patients with flat ridges will not work as well, so suction-cup dentures provide retention and viability for those who are not great candidates for standard dentures and prosthetic.

Suction-cup dentures are perfect for dentists who want to help increase and enhance retention for patients that cannot afford implants, or are not viable candidates for alternative prosthetics or permanent restorations. They are an affordable, effective way of ensuring your patients’ comfort, and allow them the chance to enjoy life and not have to worry about their smile!